Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rhythmbox Repo for Karmic & Other Fixes

It's a long story, but I was getting annoyed with a bug in rhythmbox 0.12.5-0ubuntu3 on Karmic where podcasts would download and then disappear from the list.

After going though some links on launchpad and the gnome bug site, I found out that the issue was fixed in rhythmbox (0.12.6-0ubuntu1) lucid.

I wanted to upgrade to 0.12.6 but I didn't want to install the program from scratch, since I don't know how to do that very well, and I like Synaptic Package Manager to manage my installs.

So, after some digging I found a rhythmbox-devel ppa to add to my sources list here.

This ppa has the latest version of Rhythmbox, so after I added it and the key to my Software Sources, I ran Update Manager, and Rhythmbox was updated to 0.12.6.

Podcasts now stay in the podcast list when downloaded. Also, the popping noise when adjusting volume with the mouse wheel is gone. This had something to do with the new EQ I recently installed.

I wanted to check if this version of Rhythmbox had any new plugins, and I noticed Context Panel plugin. I clicked on it and got an error.

I googled it and found that this plugin needed phython-webkit, and python-mako in order to work, so I opened Synaptic Package Manager and searched for these packages. Python-webkit was already installed, but python-mako wasn't. I installed python-mako, clicked on the Context Panel plugin again, and it installed okay.

Rhythmbox now displays the Context Panel offering more info about the current artist.

Okay, that was my fix for the day. Sweet!

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